Views from the Roundabout

Here at Cowley we have a lot of awesome programs, including our fine arts program. Mile Marker Review is here, and has been updated, to showcase all of that awesomeness. Our goal is to present student works, hold contests, and hopefully give some insightful information about the arts.

Our new webpage allows for easy contest submissions, and has an archives page where you can access any works published on the old site. This is meant to provide a great opportunity for students. Artists and writers here at Cowley will now have the chance to have works accessible online. It’s a great thing to be able to say you’ve been published somewhere, and an online publication makes it easy to show your works to others.

We’ve put a lot of effort into refreshing this site, and we hope that Cowley students will take advantage of it, so submit! Submit your writing, your art, and your photographs. We would love to see them, and it would mean a lot to all of us to have other students appreciate our work.

This is the beginning of something great, and we hope that you’ll love submitting and viewing works here!

-Abigail Rogers & Mile Marker Review