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Mile Marker Review is an online literature and art journal published by the Creative Writing Program at Cowley College.

The journal publishes fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photos of art and design work, and photography exhibits created by Cowley College students, faculty, staff, alumni, associates, and guest contributors.

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Published in MMR, Vol. 3, Issue 2
Spring 2013
Vol.3, Issue 1, Fall 2012 Vol. 3, Issue 2 HTML format

“Vibrancy” by Shaina Sawyer
“If I Was Real”
by Kaylene Humphreys
“This is it” by Kaylene Humphreys
“Escape” by Rita Ann Windle
“My Sweet Lullaby”
by Rita Ann Windle
“You” by Emily Barnes
“Catherine” by Derek McGrath
“Cardinal” by Shaina Sawyer
“Cannibal” by Terry Calabrese
"Whispers in the Wind”
by Blaine Wilkey
“Maggie and Me” by Kara Vanderpool
“The Dotted Line” by Patrick Barnes
“My Faust Legend”
by Nubia Jade Brice
“Peel” by Ryan Doom
“Here” by Marlys Cervantes
“Sabetha Grain” by Ryan Doom
“Sunset” by Robyn Hill
“Flight ound” by Ann Edwards



Mail: Mile Marker Review, 125 South 2nd, Arkansas City KS 67005
Staff for Volume 3, Issue 2
Staff Advisor: Ryan Doom;
Editor Team: Shannon Mahon, Kyle Guthery, and Marlys Cervantes
Readers: Shannon Mahon, Marlys Cervantes, Ryan Doom, Zane May, Ann Fell, and Robyn Hill
Cover Photo: Ryan Doom
Designer: Diana Dicken



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